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*ALL pets must have up to date vaccinations (DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies)

*There is a $25 fee for a "no call, no show" on a scheduled appointment.

Complimentary Spa Package

For all NEW clients with mention of this promotion; including teethbrushing/breath spray, blueberry facial, and paw scrub. $25 value!


  • A spruce up for natural coated breeds. Includes bath, blow-dry, brush, anal glands, privates, pads, and nails.

Starting price $35.00









  • Leaving your pet with a neatened appearance. The BBT includes all BB services and trimming of the face, feet, rear, belly, tail, and other areas of concern.

Starting Price $45.00





Breed Trims

  • The "specifics" of your breed. Can be modified for the lifestyle of you and your pet.

Starting Price $50.00




Kennel Cut

  • Fantastic for summer or year round low maintenance, for the busy bee dog owner, also includes cats. This design is a clippered cut, leaving the body smooth, scissoring the face and tail. The kennel cut has 3 lengths:

    • Short- 1/16in

    • Medium- 1/8in

    • Long- 1/4in

Starting Price $40.00




Puppy Cut

  • Delmar Doggie Design specializes in serious scissor skills! This design base length is 1" on the body,the  head and tail modified for a balance design. Fluffy and oh so cute, even on your adult dogs and large breeds!

Starting Price $50.00






  • For the "SERIOUS TERRIER LOVER". Handstripping brings texture and color to the coat. This is truly an art form finish.

$90.00 hourly rate

*Consultation may be needed

**Consultation is Free

Additional Services


  • Got hair? Try our deshedding process. A professional deshed keeps your pet in natural coat, yet helps eliminate all that vacuuming.

Additional Fee $10-25




Teeth Brushing

  • Don't forget your pets have teeth, too! Using a minty doggie tooth paste, this helps eliminate those costly dentals, yet helps maintain fresh breathe and healthy gums.

Additonal Fee $10.00



Nails a la Carte

  • No appointment necessary. Overgrown nails can be hazardous to your pet, causing arthritis, tripping, or unnecessary vet bills. The ideal nail doesn't touch the floor. This service keeps feet tight and "cat like". Includes Dremmeling which pushes back the quick.

Additional Fee $15.00


















Flea & Tick Shampoo

  • ALL pets with external parasites will be given a MANDATORY F&T shampoo, for protection of all.

Additional Fee $10-$25





Paw Scrub

  • A revitalizing way to keep your pet's paws up to par! All natural sugar scrubs. Choose Blueberry or Honey Almond. This goes hand in hand with the Blueberry Facial! 

Additional Fee $10





The Blueberry Facial

  • The Blueberry Facial is an all natural shampoo for the face, made with real blueberries! Great for the bearded breeds, great for allergy season, or for extra love and pampering!

Additional Fee $5.00

Feline Services


  • A spruce up that is puuurfect! Includes bath, blow-dry, brush, and nails.

Starting price $70.00
*add-on service deshed $20




Lion Trim or Kennel Cut

  • Fantastic for summer or year round low maintenance. This design is a short clippered cut, leaving the body smooth, scissoring the face and tail.

Starting Price $80.00








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